West Otago Transport Ltd News Feed http://www.westotago.co.nz West Otago Transport Ltd Situations Vacanthttp://www.westotago.co.nz/news/8/Situations-VacantRoad Transport Logistics Ltd comprises of five rural transports within Otago and Southland. RTL is excited to offer a role that is both unique and challenging within its company.<br /> <br /> <strong>Bulk Dispatch</strong><br /> <br /> Based in Heriot this role will see you dispatching bulk trucks in a team environment. If you have communication, problem solving and time management skills, love a challenge in an ever changing environment, we have the job for you!<br /> <br /> Experience in dispatching bulk trucks would be an advantage, however training is available for someone keen to learn.<br /> <br /> The Successful applicant will be required to undergo and pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol test.<br /> <br /> For further details contact<br /> michael.eremin@roadtrans.co.nz<br /> 027 406 30251409659200http://www.westotago.co.nz/news/8/Situations-Vacanthttp://www.westotago.co.nzSituations Vacanthttp://www.westotago.co.nz/news/8/Situations-Vacant Eroad - GPS & Road Usershttp://www.westotago.co.nz/news/5/Eroad-GPS-Road-UsersSome of you may be wondering what the green light is on the windscreen of the trucks.We have&nbsp;recently installed an electronic GPS system into our trucks. It is available for tracking and communicating with&nbsp;our drivers. It purchases Road Users licences electronically, which are displayed instantly in the truck&nbsp;windscreen, meeting the latest legal requirements from the LTSA and avoiding incredibly hefty fines that are&nbsp;now in place.<br /> <br /> <strong>A reminder to all diesel powered vehicles owners check that you have a current license, as you&nbsp;could be looking at up to a $4000 fine under the new law and that&rsquo;s just the start!</strong><br /> <br /> This system makes it&nbsp;easier and more efficient to work with our sisters companies as we can now view &amp; message all the companies&nbsp;trucks on one screen if we require.1353495600http://www.westotago.co.nz/news/5/Eroad-GPS-Road-Usershttp://www.westotago.co.nzEroad - GPS & Road Usershttp://www.westotago.co.nz/news/5/Eroad-GPS-Road-Users New iPads for Heriot Schoolhttp://www.westotago.co.nz/news/7/New-iPads-for-Heriot-SchoolBeing a family-owned rural carrying operation based in the small farming settlement of Heriot, West Otago Transport know how important it is to support the local school and wider community. Here we see&nbsp;Heriot School students make good use of one of the iPad&rsquo;s purchased by the school with money donated by West Otago Transport.&nbsp;<br />1352890800http://www.westotago.co.nz/news/7/New-iPads-for-Heriot-Schoolhttp://www.westotago.co.nz/images/242/medium/Heriot-school-sponsorship.jpgNew iPads for Heriot Schoolhttp://www.westotago.co.nz/news/7/New-iPads-for-Heriot-School A budding author in the familyhttp://www.westotago.co.nz/news/4/A-budding-author-in-the-familySeven year old Tait lives in Heriot with his Mum, Dad and sister, Sydney (aged 9). Tait was born with Occulocutaneous Albinism and Nystagmus, inherited conditions resulting in his white hair, pale skin and reduced vision, although wearing glasses improves his sight a little. Tait has to be very careful in the sun as he burns very easily, and is also very sensitive to bright light. Even though Tait finds things a little harder to do than others, he is always keen to &quot;give it a go&quot;. <br /> <br /> Tait's first book &quot;West Otago's Trucks&quot; is available for purchase <a href="/pages/9/Books" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:9">here</a>.<br /> <br /> Many organisations assist Tait with his challenges, and so he has chosen to donate some of the proceeds from this book to the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind.<br /> <br /> Watch out for Tait's next book, &quot;Heriot Calf Sale&quot;, which is due out before Christmas.<br />1352372400http://www.westotago.co.nz/news/4/A-budding-author-in-the-familyhttp://www.westotago.co.nz/images/239/medium/Frontcover-2-.jpgA budding author in the familyhttp://www.westotago.co.nz/news/4/A-budding-author-in-the-family