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West Otago Transport Ltd

West Otago Transport are proud to be associated with the following businesses...

Beckers Transport Ltd

Beckers Transport Ltd Beckers Transport Ltd is a large family-owned rural transport company with depots in both Oturehua and Omakau, providing stock, bulk and wool transport solutions. Having serviced the local area for over 50 years, Beckers has a thorough understanding of the local area and the evolving challenges faced by its clients. Working closely with 'sister companies' allows Beckers Transport Ltd to tackle any job head on, no matter how big. Beckers Transport Ltd offer quality service and equipment and are committed to "growing our business to better serve yours".

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Clinton Waipahi Holdings Ltd

Clinton Waipahi Holdings Ltd

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Tuapeka Transport

Tuapeka Transport 2003 Ltd Established in 1979, Tuapeka Transport 2003 Ltd is the premier rural transport business in the southern South Island, operating from depots in Lawrence and Millers Flat.

Tuapeka Transport 2003 Ltd services a range of key local industries:
  • Rural cartage - Local, Works & Inter Island
  • Bulk Commodities - Fert, Lime, Coal, PKE, Grain
  • General Freight
  • Fertiliser spreading - Accurate top of the range gear available

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Alliance Group Ltd

Alliance Group Ltd Alliance Group Limited was established in 1948 by a group of farmers who formed the company to process and market high quality meat and co-products to international markets.

The company is a co-operative, wholly owned and supplied by our farmers. It has become one of the largest exporters of meat products from New Zealand, and is New Zealand's leading producer of lamb-based meat products.

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Canterbury Meat Packers

Canterbury Meat Packers CMP is a part of the ANZCO Foods group, a New Zealand-based multinational group of companies specialising in the export of premium New Zealand meat products to the world.

Naturally raised on New Zealand's abundance of clean green pastures our extensive range of meat products are internationally renowned for their high quality, flavour and tenderness and are enjoyed by discerning customers worldwide.

Our purpose is to profitably procure, process and market New Zealand meat products, and in doing this deliver unbeatable value to our customers, staff, shareholders and farmer producers.

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Blue Sky Meats

Blue Sky Meats
Blue Sky Meats offers tender and succulent New Zealand grass-fed lamb grown fresh on our unique Southern pastures.
The pastures here are lush and the landscape that surrounds them is vast. The settlers who first farmed this part of New Zealand achieved great things and Blue Sky Meats builds on their example. We think smart because our landscape inspires us. We act with integrity because our values demand it.

This means, generations of retailers and restaurants around the world trust Blue Sky Meats’ brands, Horizon and Star, to consistently deliver high quality free-range grass-fed Southern New Zealand lamb that is grown sustainably by our farmers in this region.

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Silver Fern Farms

Silver Fern Farms Silver Fern Farms is New Zealand’s leading procurer, processor and marketer of sheep, lamb, beef and venison.

The company was registered in 1948 as Primary Producers Co-operative Society, eventually trading as PPCS until it changed its name and its brand in 2008 to Silver Fern Farms — reflecting its integrated supply chain strategy.

While our strategy has evolved from production-based to market-led, the company has retained its co-operative status, today representing more than 20,000 sheep, cattle and deer farmers throughout New Zealand.

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Ravensdown As a co-operative 100% owned by farmers, Ravensdown exists to optimise soil fertility and farm profitability in a sustainable way for farmers who need to improve their productivity and environmental footprint. Beyond fertiliser production, we provide a comprehensive range of key farming inputs, technical advice and technologies at lowest sustainable cost delivered how, where and when they’re needed.

Ravensdown uses its buying power, supply chain, fertiliser production and logistical infrastructure to source, combine and apply precious nutrients for New Zealand and Australian soils. Its focused team of specialists can advise on combinations of key farm inputs so that farmers secure the best outcome across their whole business.

A comprehensive product range across agrochemicals, seeds, animal health and nutrition is complemented by, precision application, measurement and environmental mitigation technologies.

Ravensdown has paid a rebate to the co-operative’s shareholders every year of its existence. Forged in 1978 from farmers’ determination to resist large corporations snapping up assets in the farming sector, the Ravensdown team is devoted to meeting its shareholders’ needs.

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Ballance Ballance Agri-Nutrients Limited is one of New Zealand's leading fertiliser specialists, with manufacturing plants located in Whangarei, Mount Maunganui and Invercargill. In addition, the company owns the ammonia-urea manufacturing plant at Kapuni in Taranaki, Altum, New Zealand's third-largest fertiliser company, and Super Air, one of the country's largest agricultural aviation companies.

Ballance is a 100-percent farmer-owned co-operative, with over 18,000 shareholders throughout New Zealand. It was officially launched in 2001, the final step in a series of company amalgamations and alliances that saw regional fertiliser co-operatives come together under the umbrella of what was then Bay of Plenty Fertiliser.

Today, Ballance is a truly national company, with 700 staff located from the Far North to the Deep South. The company places a strong emphasis on delivering value to its shareholders and on the use of a scientific approach to plant nutrient management.

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Livestock Supplies

Livestock Supplies Trace elements are our business, profit from our experience.

Our Aim: To promote profitable and sustainable farming along with healthy stock and crops resulting from the carefully targeted use of major nutrients and trace elements.

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Rural Livestock

Rural Livestock Rural Livestock aims to be the preferred South Island livestock company servicing the rural community.

The relationships with our clients is the key to our success.

We will add value to your businesses by being innovative, market leaders acting with integrity, loyalty and trust.

We are proud to be 100% New Zealand Owned and Operated.

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PGG Wrightson

PGG Wrightson PGG Wrightson is a leading provider to the agricultural sector offering a wide range of products, services and solutions to growers, farmers and processors in New Zealand and internationally.

Within the site, you will find information on all the products and services we offer to help you maximise your agri-business profitability.

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CRT CRT Co-operative exists for one simple reason - to use the collective power of its shareholders to negotiate better deals and improve their individual profitability across all forms of agriculture.

The very earliest roots of CRT stem from Producers Ltd, a company formed in Otago in 1927, which was merged into Combined Rural Traders Ltd during the 1980's.

The co-operative has developed into a significant feature in the rural market and has grown to more than 26,000 shareholders who transact over $1 billion worth of business through the co-operative annually.

CRT's role has also been to create competition in price and service, and the rapid growth and success is a clear indication its retail pricing is the benchmark for the market.

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Altum Altum is New Zealand’s fastest growing fertiliser and animal nutrition company. We offer a wide range of effective, environmentally friendly, scientifically proven products to meet the needs of conventional and organic farmers. Our field consultants operate from the Far North to the Deep South, offering professional advice and nutrient management programmes tailored to meet the unique needs of each farm.

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AB Lime

AB Lime AB Lime produces agricultural lime (AgLime 90) at its quarry, Kings Bend, Winton. Agricultural lime varies in quality. AB Lime's AgLime 90 has a calcium carbonate (CACO3) value of 90% and is Fertmark and BioGro approved

AB Lime has an on site BioGro certified blending facility able to produce blends tailored to meet individual customer requirments. AB Lime also produces lime rock (Knaprock) which is used for dairy lanes.

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Fernhill Lime

Fernhill Lime Fernhill Lime works, in Kauana north of Winton, Southland employs eight staff and, at the height of the season, the mill can be operational 24 hours a day. The certified organic quarry produces quality Southland lime, and offers a wide range of fertilisers which can be mixed to suit individual farm’s needs.

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Stuart Timber

Stuart Timber Stuart Timber Co Ltd is a medium sized privately owned New Zealand saw milling operation supplying a range of finished timber products to a number of markets and various end uses.

The team at Stuart Timber are customer focused and you are assured of receiving personal and helpful assistance when you wish to purchase your next timber requirement.

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Turboweb Limited

Turboweb Limited

Turboweb offer website design and website development solutions to make the process of getting your website online as painless as humanly possible.

Turboweb Limited are the inventors and creators of the Simple Web Manager. A subscription based website manager service.

Based in Dunedin, New Zealand, they also offer solutions for most internet based applications.

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