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Check out the West Otago Transport  fleet below:

Freight Truck

West Otago Transport - Freight TruckWe have a daily freight run weekdays from Heriot to Dunedin. We cart a wide range of items from timber, wool, shrubs and wood pallets, returning with a variety of freight and rural products.

You can arrange for your freight to be carted by contacting our office or phoning the truck direct on 027-444 1876.


West Otago Transport Ltd - FleaWest Otago Transport Ltd has two fleas on fleet:
  • The 15 tonne Flea is a very versatile unit. It is capable of towing a trailer, a hoist and a two deck crate idea for calf cartage.
  • The 9 tonne Flea is idea for smaller jobs in those hard to reach places.
The fleas are a great starting point for our apprenticeship training drivers giving them experience to be able to work their way up.

Stock Trucks

West Otago Transport Ltd - Stock trucksWith late model mainline stock trucks, we utilise a swap body system and when under pressure.

Our late model fleet of trucks and accredited Livestock crates ensure that your stock is carted in safe and efficient conditions.

All our stock drivers have approved stock handlers certificates for all freezing work companies.

We pride ourselves on our ability to handle large volumes of work with the help of our sister companies.

4 x 4 Vacuum Tanker

West Otago Transport Ltd - 4 x 4 Vacuum TankerAvailable to empty effluent ponds, silage pits, sump traps, and anything liquid. The 7500 litre vacuum tank mounted on a 4 x 4 spreader truck is more maneuverable and lighter than a tractor and trailing tanker.

4 x 4 Tip Truck

West Otago Transport Ltd - 4 x 4 Tip TruckOur 4 x 4 tip truck unit is a great option for track / lane maintenance; it has the ability to get across paddocks without too much bother.

Bulk Trucks

West Otago Transport Ltd - Bulk TrucksBulk trucks ranging from lift out side units carting wool, hay, balage, and posts, to fully alloy bath-tub units for a wide range of bulk commodities ranging from grain, coal, gravel & palm kernel, lime & fertilisers.

Fertiliser Spreaders

Fertiliser SpreadersWe have six fertiliser spreaders equipped with blowers and GPS tracking systems allowing precise placement of product, maximising coverage and minimising waste.

We also have four self unloading trailers and two Hitachi loaders for on farm sowing jobs. We do a wide range of spreading jobs, ranging from all types of grain and seed sowing to annual maintenance requirements on sheep, beef, crop & dairy farms.

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